Visitors from the University of Bristol

We welcome Dr Athene Lane and Sia Gravani of the School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol who are visiting HSRU on 27 and 28 October 2014.

Athene is a Senior Research Fellow whose main research interests are in the design and conduct of clinical trials, the links between diet and prostate cancer, cancer prevention and survivorship and questionnaire design and utilisation.  Sia is a 1st Year PhD student who is looking at methods to improve the conduct of RCTs. 

Athene and Sia, will deliver an IAHS seminar on Tuesday 28 October entitled: ConDucT hub for trial methodology research on trial effectiveness where they will present their research on source data validation and participant retention and discuss their in-depth ethnographic study of the functioning of Trial Steering Committees and their interactions with Trial Management Groups. They will also discuss the systematic review they are currently undertaking to investigate the types and methods of training currently used in RCTs and investigate the effect of trial staff training on various aspects of trial conduct. They aim to identify domains and themes related to training of trial staff which will be of interest for further research.  Further details on the ConDucT hub can be found here.