Science Writing Superstars Sought

Science Writing Superstars Sought

A European-wide science writing competition is looking for the brightest sparks in Europe to write about the bioeconomy in 1500 words or less.

Students have until November 1 to enter the competition, which is looking for articles that address issues in the bioeconomy – for example feeding a growing population on limited resources, lowering carbon footprint, innovative ways to address food poverty.

The article should be aimed at a lay audience, with no previous background in science, demonstrating an understanding of the issues at hand with a flair for science writing. The organisers are looking for originality, intelligent ideas, interesting writing styles, and a strong voice showing a true passion for science communication. 

Three winners will be sent on an all-inclusive trip to a conference in Brussels in December, and offered the opportunity to present to some of the leading researchers in the field.

The competition is open to all EU university students aged 18-35 years old.

The competition is organised by the University of Aberdeen in partnership with the BIOPROM consortium. BIOPROM is a framework seven EU funded project with the main aim to making the bioeconomy relatable to the public. Bioeconomy is the sustainable utilisation of renewable biological resources for the production of food, feed, bio-based energy and other products to protect our environment and resources. Being very much in the public eye, with subjects like GM crops causing much contention, the bioeconomy needs the involvement of the public to ensure informed decisions are made about the future.

For more information and the competition rules, visit the Satrosphere website