Drs Mair, Rea, and Schofield awarded Leverhulme Grant for Calving Glaciers

Doug Mair (PI), Brice Rea and Ed Schofield (Co-Is) along with Nick Kamenos (U-Glasgow, Co-I) have been awarded a £238,775 Leverhulme Trust Research Project Grant entitled Calving Glaciers: Long-term Validation and Evidence.

The project focuses upon Kangiata Nunata Sermia (KNS), the most dynamic tidewater glacier in SW Greenland. The researchers will exploit a unique combination of geomorphology, marine biology and archaeology (remnants of Norse settlements) to reconstruct this glacier’s advance and retreat over the last one thousand years. This long-term record can validate models that link calving to climate, and may illuminate the reasons for the demise of Norse settlers.