Help train doctors and dentists of the future

Help train doctors and dentists of the future

Could you spare the time to help young trainee doctors and dentists prepare for real life medical practice?

The University of Aberdeen are looking to recruit volunteers who would be willing to give up a little time each week or month to be examined by medical, physician assistant and dental students, as part of their training.

The institution will host an open day at the Suttie Centre on Saturday August 3, to showcase how the public can get involved in helping train medics of the future.

Dorothy Corriveau, a Clinical Tutor and Volunteer Patient Programme Coordinator at the University said: “Every medical student needs to practice examining patients because we don’t want them to be doing it for the first time with a real sick person. For this reason we’re looking for people who might have a little spare time to help us train the next generation of doctors, physician assistants and dentists.

“The examinations are completely non-invasive, such as for example taking blood pressure and volunteers can pick and choose which ones, if any, they wish to be involved in.

“All travel expenses are fully reimbursed and we have a good selection of tea, coffee and biscuits for the volunteers while they are with us.”

“The open day on Saturday August 3 will provide an opportunity to learn what is involved in volunteering, watch as trainees carry out ‘test’ examinations and meet with existing volunteers.

“Our volunteers are fantastic and they will tell you themselves, it really doesn’t take up a lot of their time at all. In fact they quite enjoy being part of the University setup. Most importantly they know they are helping to give real experience to these young medical students who will soon be working for real in surgeries and hospitals in this region and further afield.”

The recruitment drive and guided tour of the facilities and activities takes place at the Suttie Centre on the institution’s Forresterhill campus on Saturday, August 3 every hour between 10am and 2pm.

For more details contact: Linda Rendall, Patient Administrator, 01224 437 730,