Hidden histories of Bennachie’s crofter colonists up for discussion

Hidden histories of Bennachie’s crofter colonists up for discussion

The hidden histories of Bennachie’s crofter colonists will be revealed at the Cafe Scientifique Aberdeenshire discussion, which will be held at the Acorn Centre, Inverurie tonight (Tuesday, May 14).

The Bennachie Landscapes project, a joint collaboration between the University of Aberdeen and the Bailies of Bennachie, has begun to reveal a wealth of archaeological remains from the Colony site, a nineteenth-century crofting community located on the lower slopes of Bennachie. Little is known about the lives of Bennachie’s crofter colonists and what information we do have tends to put them in an overly romantic or alternatively negative light.

The event is aimed at a general public audience. It will be led by Dr Jeff Oliver, a historical Archaeologist at the University of Aberdeen, who is involved in helping to lead the project.

Dr Oliver commented: “Our research collaboration between the Bailies of Bennachie and the University of Aberdeen is focusing on various community agencies that were formerly operating on the hill, how these changed over time and how they were linked to events and other historical processes beyond the site.

“In addition to shedding light on the past of this important landscape, our on-going work at Bennachie is providing a platform to involve and develop future interests among the local community, who have a strong interest in managing and developing opportunities in this historic environment and so a second major part of this research focuses on engaging local people to create a long-term sustainable strategy for community involvement.”

The event commences at 7pm and is free to attend. The evening is part of the Café Scientifique Aberdeenshire series taking place until June and one of a number of fascinating discussion events in the University’s wider programme. Full details can be found at www.engagingaberdeen.co.uk.