World class executive education comes to Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen has joined forces with one of the world's leading business schools to create a unique network which will deliver leadership development to those at the top of their organisations in Scotland.

The Henley Partnership model is a unique and exclusive learning development network of organisations keen to be inspired and to develop their leadership. It offers a range of master classes, offered throughout the year, with the topics chosen by the partnership. 

The partnership concept began in Henley in 1995 and now includes a network of organisations ranging from FTSE 100 companies to SMEs to those in the voluntary sector. The creation of the Henley-Aberdeen Partnership will see the same successful model implemented north of the border.

Professor Norman Hutchison, who is leading the partnership for Aberdeen, says leadership development has never been more important in the corporate world but that many organisations are forced to look south for delivery.

“We believe that we are the only programme in Scotland offering executive education of this kind,” he added.

“It combines the delivery of high quality executive education from a recognised global leader with world leading academics and researchers in areas such as economics, accountancy, finance, real estate and human resources.

 “This will all take place in Aberdeen and we’ve had a very enthusiastic response from companies keen to take advantage of this opportunity in Scotland, particularly as organisations are becoming more aware of the need to cut their carbon footprint.”

 The first season of events will get underway in March and run until late June and includes sessions with leading behavioural economist Roger Martin-Fagg, speechwriting expert Simon Lancaster, Nick Holley, an authority on human resources, and business strategist Jeff Callander.

 Professor Hutchison added: “The Henley-Aberdeen Partnership is a great opportunity for organisations in Scotland to develop their pool of talented staff. Leadership development is essential in all organisations at all times, but is even more important in tough economic conditions where drift is not an option.

 “This is on-going development for senior managers and decision makers who will come together to create a community of learning, sharing experience and best practice with peers and accessing the latest thinking on strategic issues.

 “We have put together a well-balanced programme of initial sessions and look forward to developing the programme with our partners over the next 18 months.”

 Paul Bennett, Director of the Henley Partnership said, “We are delighted to be part of the Henley-Aberdeen Partnership. We are very much looking forward to working with new partnership members to create a vibrant learning community in Scotland centred around strategic leadership challenges”.

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