University Professor to head UK transport group

University Professor to head UK transport group

The body which brings together the latest thinking in the field of transport research is to be led by a professor from the University of Aberdeen.

Professor John Nelson will begin a three year term as chairman of the Universities’ Transport Study Group (UTSG) which promotes transport teaching and studies across universities in the UK and Ireland.

Set up in 1967 the UTSG allows representatives from over 50 universities to meet to share and discuss their latest research projects and plan future areas of study.

The group also allows users and sponsors of transport research to maintain a dialogue with the academic institutions to reinforce the benefits of university research in the sector and to ensure funding for future projects.

Commenting on his appointment, Professor Nelson, who is also Director of the University of Aberdeen’s Centre for Transport Research, said: “The task of planning for future mobility is more challenging than ever as Government seeks to stimulate economic recovery, tackle climate change and improve quality of life. We remain optimistic that this task will continue to be informed by leading debate from within the transport research community including our contributions to new advances in transport technologies, new insights about travel behaviour and advocacy of smarter demand management.”

In addition to the membership from the UK and Ireland, over 70 academic institutions are represented on the UTSG’s list of overseas correspondents.

In addition to its annual conference for staff and research students the body also hosts occasional informal seminars and workshops with liaison groups or government organisations to discuss specific research issues in greater depth.

Professor Nelson added: “It is a great honour to be elected chairman of UTSG, which for many years has been the highly respected voice of transport teaching and research. I look forward to further strengthening our relationships with our colleagues in the Research Councils and the national governments, during what is currently a challenging time for all of us”.

Dr Mark Beecroft of the Centre for Transport Research will work alongside Professor Nelson as UTSG Secretary.