Understanding eating behaviour

An Aberdeen psychologist will explore the social, cultural and emotional pressures that shape our eating behaviour – and help the audience to determine what type of ‘eater’ they are - in a free public lecture.

Dr Clare Scott, from the University of Aberdeen Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health will present ‘Successful Strategies for Healthier Eating Behaviours’ on Tuesday October 2 at King’s Museum, University of Aberdeen.

Those attending the interactive lecture can find out what type of ‘eater’ they are and can learn more about techniques that could help change their behaviour.

The lecture is part of a series running alongside an exhibition at King’s Museum, High Street, Old Aberdeen, examining man’s relationship with food.  Ahead of the talk, visitors can take in the displays at Food Stories, learn what is in their favourite snacks and test their senses.

Dr Scott is a member of the Rowett Institute’s RINH Obesity and metabolic health group and is currently working on the NeuroFAST project, a European Union funded study investigating the different aspects of stress and eating behaviour.

She said:  “I work on the psychology of behaviour change and in the lecture I will explain the different types of eating behaviour that have been identified. For example, some people are emotional eaters, while others are influenced by social or external pressures.

“Once we know what type of eating behaviour we fall into we can start to recognise ‘dangers’ when we might be tempted to eat in ways we would not wish to do so.”

The lecture will take place from 7.30pm to 8.30pm on Tuesday (October 2) with interactive activities from 6pm to 7.30pm in King’s Museum. Audience members will be given special key pads to log their answers to a series of specially designed questions to help them determine what type of eater they are.

Entry is free and booking is not required.