New call for egg donors

The Aberdeen Fertility Centre has launched a call for women to consider becoming egg donors.

One in seven couples seek medical help at some stage in their lives in order to achieve a family.

Over the years Aberdeen Fertility Centre has helped hundreds of couples to become parents by providing a range of treatments.

However, an acute shortage of egg donors means that many couples are experiencing a long wait and in some cases may never realise their life long dream of having a family.

Hazel McBain, Donor Co-ordinator in the Assisted Reproduction Unit at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital who provides support and treatment for those that need this form of treatment said: “There are many reasons couples need the help of an egg donor in order to become a Mum and Dad.

“In some cases couples cannot achieve a pregnancy because the female partner may have suffered a premature menopause or may have lost the use of their ovaries due to disease, surgery or the treatment of cancer.  Some women carry inherited genetic diseases and therefore seek donated eggs to prevent the transmission of  disease to their children.

“An acute shortage of egg donors is being experienced across the UK, and Aberdeen is no exception where we currently have a 2–3 year wait for couples seeking help.”

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) who provide licenses for centres that undertake egg donation services have introduced new compensation allowances to address the donor shortage within the UK. Full information can be found on the HFEA website

Hazel continued: “Donating your eggs is one of the most selfless and generous acts someone can undertake and those who have been through the process often describe the immense sense of pride they feel.

“We are encouraging women who may be considering egg donation to get in touch to find out  about the process and how they could potentially help couples who may otherwise have been unable to achieve their dream of becoming parents.”

Those wishing to consider egg donation should contact the Aberdeen Fertility Centre on 01224 553612 or email for further information.