World raises a toast to whisky thanks to an Aberdeen student

World raises a toast to whisky thanks to an Aberdeen student

People across the world will raise a dram to Scotland’s national drink tomorrow (March 27) thanks to the efforts of a University of Aberdeen Student.

Blair Bowman, 21, has established the first ever World Whisky Day to be celebrated on March 27.

Unlike other drinks such as vodka beer and even tequila, whisky did not have its own dedicated day. When the enterprising Hispanic Studies student discovered this, he quickly set about creating a ‘day’ and associated website so that people can log their own celebrations and come together to enjoy whisky.

Blair, who grew up in Edinburgh, says he is one of a growing number of young people with a passion for the drink, with the University’s own malt whisky society now boasting 250 members - more than half of them women.

He is looking forward to raising his own dram during celebrations which are expected to include more than 16,000 people worldwide.

He said: “We have over 125 events registered in over 30 different countries, and a bar in Kuala Lumpur is holding its grand opening on the day.

“I hope it will also be a way to introduce whisky to those who have never tried it before and to allow them to learn about and appreciate the wonderful variety of the spirit.”

Blair’s efforts have seen him scoop the Scottish Institute for Enterprise New Ventures Competition - Arts/Culture category, which comes with a £1,000 prize to further develop his concept.

He is also in the running for the grand prize of £5,000 in professional services fees.

Blair said he was delighted by the response he has received to World Whisky Day, which he aims to make an annual event.

“I’ve had people from all over the world get in touch with me saying they are doing something where they are,” he added.  “

“People seem to love the idea of raising a glass of whisky across the world.

“I’m hoping that it allows more people to become interested in whisky and could also boost tourism for Scotland. Whisky is booming right now, all over the world. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this famous Scottish export.”