Conference provides food for thought

Conference provides food for thought

What our diets could look like in the future, and how our food choices impact on the environment, will be among the topics under the spotlight at a conference in Aberdeen today (Monday March 26).

80 experts in nutrition and health will gather for the two day meeting entitled Future Food and Health, organised by the Nutrition Society and hosted by the University of Aberdeen.

The relationship between what we eat, our own individual genetic make-up and our overall health, and innovations in food production which are helping develop healthier foods for society, will also be discussed at the event.

Dr Leone Craig, Research Fellow in the Public Health Nutrition Research Group at the University of Aberdeen and the local organiser for the conference said: “The meeting is an opportunity to bring together key experts in nutrition and health from across the UK to discuss latest thinking on the future of our food consumption and health.”

Dr Alison Jenkinson Senior Lecturer in Medical Sciences at the University of Aberdeen and Chair of the Scottish Section of the Nutrition Society said: “Food security will be among the topics addressed, looking at how we can ensure the provision of food for the population in the future.

“The impact of climate change will form part of this discussion where we will consider how the foods we choose to eat have a direct impact on the environment.

“Some foods have greater environmental impact than others and choosing to eat foods produced closer to home is not solely the answer, we should also be mindful that particular types of foods use more energy and water to produce, and create more emissions.

“How we should tailor our diets to our own individual genetic make-up for the benefit of our overall health will be highlighted, and the latest innovations which are bringing healthier foods to the marketplace will also be showcased.”

The Future Food and Health conference takes place from March 26-27 at the University of Aberdeen’s King’s College Conference Centre.

Speakers and delegates from the conference will attend a civic reception at Aberdeen’s Town House this evening (Monday March 26) which will be hosted by Councillor Alan Milne.

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