Book launched for the doctors of tomorrow

Book launched for the doctors of tomorrow

Health, Behaviour and Society: a Clinical Companion to Medicine encourages young doctors to see a patient as more than a set of symptoms but as an individual.

The new textbook, written by Dr Jennifer Cleland, Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen and Phillip Cotton, deputy head of the undergraduate medical school at the University of Glasgow, will be launched on Thursday July 14 at the Association for the Study of Medical Education’s annual meeting in Edinburgh. The launch will be followed by a book signing.

The focus of the book is about taking a holistic approach to medicine, one which looks at how people experience and manage health and illness improving the patient’s health, rather than just managing the symptoms.

Dr Cleland, said “It is really important to recognise that being healthy means more than being free of disease.

“It is a holistic terms that encompasses different aspects of a person’s life and their attitude to their health that need to be addressed by doctors.”

This book introduces the learner to patients- some of whom will have a physical illness but many of whom, particularly those presenting in the community, are physically 'normal' with problems rooted in psychological, social or environmental causes. 

Content is mapped against the key areas of psychology, sociology and population health.

The book is designed for medical educators and students and is a useful resource for programme developers in UK and international medical schools.

Health, Behaviour and Society, is part of the Becoming Tomorrow’s Doctors series of textbooks - becoming part of 21st century doctors in line with GMC’s requirements.