Aberdeen joins with King Saud University for new PhD programme

An agreement signed with King Saud University for an External Joint Supervision Programme will see KSU female students undertake a PhD jointly supervised by both institutions and carried out mainly in Saudi Arabia.

The University’s College of Life Sciences and Medicine (CLSM) has been instrumental in developing the links to formalise the partnership with KSU and the first PhD student is now registered to study a PhD in General Practice and Primary Care. 

The KSU External Joint Supervision Programme was set up to provide women lecturers and demonstrators with the opportunity to benefit from postgraduate training programmes at internationally renowned universities and to gain international experience during their PhD study.

Dr Ibrahim Alharkan, Director of the External Joint Supervision Programme and Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research at KSU, visited Foresterhill for the signing and also took the opportunity to meet with academics from the College of Arts and Social Science. 

“We are pleased to be a partner in this programme and are looking forward to welcoming more students into the programme at Aberdeen” said Dr Bernadette Connolly, Director of the Graduate School in CLSM.

Professor Neva Haites, Head of the College of Life Sciences and Medicine, presented Dr Alharkan with a plaque to commemorate the signing of the agreement, saying  “This is a fantastic opportunity for the University to establish research links with King Saud University”.

Present at the signing were Mr Steve Cannon, Dr Bernadette Connolly, Professor Neva Haites, Professor Mike Greaves, Dr Mags Watson, Mr Dominic Milne, Mrs Karen Slesser, and Dr Rod Scott.