Electioneering begins for new University Rector

Electioneering begins for new University Rector

Electioneering is sweeping the campus not for the Scottish elections but to elect a new University of Aberdeen Rector.

Three candidates - a student, the current Students' Association President and a local lawyer - are standing for the historic post which represents and supports the students. They are:

  • Robin Parker who has sat on the University Court as the President of the Students' Association for the last two years. Recently elected as the President for the coming year of the National Union of Students Scotland, he is a keen cyclist and environmentalist in his spare time.
  • James Steel, a lawyer, who has tutored at the University. Brought up in Glasgow, he moved to Aberdeen in 1972 and has worked in law ever since. He is a father of four who are all graduates.
  • Leo Stockford is a third year student who has been heavily involved in the Students' Association in many different areas since he first came to University. 

Voting opened today (Tuesday, April 26), hustings take place tomorrow at 3pm and the traditional 'battle' - the 'fight' between candidates involving flour etc - also takes place tomorrow at 4pm at Butchart Car Park

The election closes on May 3 at 5pm with the results announced at 6pm the same day.

The new Rector will take over from Stephen Robertson MBE - one third of the popular Doric comedy act Scotland the What? - who was elected to the three year post in 2008.

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