Professional qualification in teaching recognised by Principal at presentation

Staff who have completed one or more modules in the PG Certificate in Higher Education Learning and Teaching were presented with their certificates by the Principal of the University of Aberdeen, Professor Ian Diamond, on Friday (October 15).

Dr Alison Brown (School of Social Sciences), Dr Fiona Garton (School of Medicine and Dentistry), Dr Zachary Hickman (School of Biological Sciences) and Dr Partha Gangopadhyay (School of Medicine and Dentistry) have completed the full programme (60 credit points) while a further 27 staff have completed the first module, of 30 credit points.

The PG Certificate in Higher Education Learning and Teaching has been offered for the past eight years and is open to staff who are currently teaching at the University of Aberdeen.

The programme is designed to meet the needs of both new lecturing staff, who might lack a detailed background in learning and teaching, and is also available to established members of academic staff who wish to gain formal recognition for their teaching.

The Programme provides an extended, formal and externally recognisable course in the methods and philosophies of learning and teaching in higher education and is undertaken through part-time study.

Dr Darren Comber, the Programme Co-ordinator, said: “The PG Certificate in Higher Education Learning and Teaching helps to develop a critical approach to one’s own professional practice in teaching.

“It demonstrates a professional approach to teaching and is the start of an ongoing process of development and reflection on teaching.”

The presentation of certificates took place at 11 am on Friday (October  15)and they were awarded to the following staff members:

60 Credits

Alison Brown (School of Social Sciences)

Fiona Garton (School of Medicine and Dentistry)

Zachary Hickman (School of Biological Sciences)

Partha Gangopadhyay (School of Medicine & Dentistry)


30 Credits

Rasha Abu-Eid (School of Medicine & Dentistry)

Euan Bain (School of Engineering)

Timothy Baker (School of Language & Literature)

John Barrow (School of Medical Sciences)

Sohinee Bhattacharya (School of Medicine & Dentistry)

Tomas Bokedal (School of Divinity, History & Philosophy)

Claire Bolger (School of Medical Sciences)

Hai Deng (School of Natural & Computing Sciences)

Laura Grenville-Briggs (School of Medical Sciences)

Karen Lumsden (School of Social Sciences)

Debbi Marais (School of Medicine & Dentistry)

Andrea Oelsner (School of Social Sciences)

Sara Preston (Centre for Learning & Teaching)

Elizabeth Pryde (School of Medicine & Dentistry)

Rebecca Riddell (School of Medicine & Dentistry)

Shahida Shahana (School of Medical Sciences)

Sandra Thomson (Careers Service)


Also successful in the completion of the 30 credit award but unable to attend the presentation were:

John Baird (School of Biological Sciences)

Isobel Cameron (School of Medicine & Dentistry)

Shi Min How (Business School)

Nicola King (School of Biological Sciences)

Fiona Lopez (School of Medicine & Dentistry)

Mandy Moffat (School of Medicine & Dentistry)

Fiona Parker (School of Medicine & Dentistry)

Lobke Vaanholt (School of Biological Sciences)

Julian Williams (Business School)


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