Aberdeen alumni gather to commemorate 50 year anniversary

A group of University of Aberdeen alumni have gathered to commemorate 50 years since their graduation from the institution.

Nine former students who gained honours degrees in Geography in 1960 took a trip down memory lane as they visit King’s College Campus on Saturday September 11 to celebrate the milestone occasion.

The group have maintained contact over the past five decades, meeting periodically.

They reunited to visit the University’s St Mary’s Building where most of their studies took place and the Auld Toon Café on the High Street, Old Aberdeen where the group often socialised.

David Fletcher, a retired publisher and former councillor for Midlothian Council who now lives in Penicuik, spearheaded the reunion.

Mr Fletcher said: “A group of 15 of us graduated together with honours degrees in Geography from the University in 1960. Because we were such a small class – a size which would be unheard of nowadays – we grew very close. 

“Since our graduation 50 years ago, we have maintained contact as a group and have met every 2 – 5 years thanks largely to our colleague Dave Young, who sadly has died since our last reunion.  

“We felt it was important to come together to mark the 50 year milestone and enjoyed visiting our old stomping ground once more and returning to the places we used to frequent in our student days.”