Kids find out about animals who adapt

Kids can go back to school armed with plenty of animal knowledge thanks to a University of Aberdeen event.

From today (October 12) - the first day of the school holidays - until the end of this week, the Natural History Centre is running Adaptable Animals, which are free activities for families.

Sandra Bisset, Education Assistant at the Centre, said: “Young people love to investigate animals and this year being the 200th birthday of one of our greatest biologists, Charles Darwin, it’s a great opportunity to explore some of the big questions in biology, such as adaptation.

Adaptable Animals will let our visitors discover the amazing ways that animals have adapted to survive in some of the harshest conditions on Earth - the hot deserts and cold climates.

“There'll be live geckos and gerbils from the hottest arid areas and we’ll also have a slinky stoat and stoic snowy owl from colder continents on display, along with a host of other interesting plants and animals.

“As well as getting the opportunity to study and handle wood lice, our visitors will also be able to take a trail through our Zoology Museum and see things like the amazing teeth of the sea lamprey.

“They can also find out all sorts of other animal facts such as how chameleons change colour and what the length is of an anteater's tongue!”

The sessions take place at the Zoology Building and families can just drop in between 1pm and 4pm from today until Friday.