North East women encouraged to contribute to midlife research

Aberdeen scientists are encouraging women in the North East of Scotland to contribute to a survey on women’s health at midlife.

The study, led by academics from the University of Aberdeen, aims to identify factors which influence healthcare options chosen by women at this time of life.

The findings will help determine whether current services meet demands and could inform the future development of new healthcare provisions for women at midlife.

Over 4000 women have already responded to a questionnaire which is being circulated by 16 doctor surgeries in Grampian and Tayside.

Academics leading the study are encouraging anyone who has received the questionnaire from their doctor but is yet to respond, to return it and help contribute to the research.

Professor Philip Hannaford, Director of the University’s Institute of Applied Health Sciences who is leading the study said: “The questionnaire is helping us build a picture of the physical, psychological and social factors which impact on the healthcare options chosen by women at midlife.

“The survey results will allow us to determine the ways in which healthcare provisions can better meet demand.

“Eight thousand questionnaires have been circulated to women between the age of 45 and 54 years old across the North East of Scotland. 

“Whilst we have received a strong response rate, we would encourage anyone who has received the questionnaire from their doctor but is yet to respond, to do so, even if they are not experiencing any symptoms relating to midlife. 

“All responses to the questionnaire play a vital part in helping us drive forward this research which plays a key part of the work we are conducting into women’s issues at the University of Aberdeen.”