Family fun with barnacles and beasties

Family fun with barnacles and beasties

Free nature sessions are on offer to families looking for something to do over the school holidays.

The University of Aberdeen's Natural History Centre is staging a week of workshops which also help celebrate the 200th birthday of famous naturalist Charles Darwin.

Creatures found by the seaside are the focus of the Darwin on the Beach sessions.

Sandra Bisset, Education Assistant at the Centre, said: "Beaches and rock pools are a great place to discover nature and the University of Aberdeen Natural History Centre sessions will explore life on the beach.

"As a young man Charles Darwin spent time walking along the tide lines finding fossils, bones and beasties."

"While we won't be walking along the coast, we'll be taking a look at the kind of creatures and items that captured the naturalist's imagination.

"A trail through the Zoology Museum will centre on whale skeltons and a giant spider crab from Japan.

"Our visitors will also get the chance to handle and identify a range of crabs from our coasts, look down microscopes at barnacles and see some of the unusual items that wash up on our beaches in and around our coasts."

The Darwin on the Beach sessions take place on Monday (April 6) to Friday (April 10) between 1pm and 4pm at the Natural History Centre in the Zoology Building.

The sessions are aimed at families and school aged children. Anyone wishing to attend can just drop in between those times. Children must be accompanied by an adult.  For more information ring 01224 274545.