Seminar to examine rural inequalities

Seminar to examine rural inequalities

The inequalities which exist in rural communities will come under the spotlight this week (Wednesday 22 April) at the University of Aberdeen.

The challenges faced by minority or disadvantaged groups living in remote areas will be examined in a free lunchtime seminar by Dr Philomena de Lima, Director of the UHI Centre for Remote and Rural Studies in Inverness.

Drawing on her studies into ethnic minorities living in rural communities, Dr de Lima will illustrate how marginalised groups can experience issues including isolation and a loss of identity as a consequence of where they live. 

Dr de Lima's seminar - Addressing equalities in rural areas: thinking out of the box - takes place as part of a series of lunchtime seminars exploring crucial rural issues, hosted by the University's Institute for Rural Research (IRR).

Dr de Lima said: "Concerns about inequalities have come to the fore recently as societies come to terms with the widening gap between the rich and the poor, and the impact of the credit crunch and climate change.

"There has been a growing focus on a range of previously neglected groups in rural communities, for example, those who are in poverty, minority ethnic groups, and disabled groups.

"Drawing on analysis of several studies, undertaken between 1998-2007 in rural areas within and outwith Scotland, my seminar will explore issues of equality through the experiences of rural minority ethnic households."

Dr de Lima's seminar takes place between 1-2pm on Wednesday 22 April in room G15, St Mary's, Elphinstone Road, Old Aberdeen. 

The seminar is free and open to the public.  Prior registration is not required. 

For full listings of the speakers presenting during the lunchtime seminar series visit or contact David Watts ( Seminars are free and prior registration is not required. All are welcome.

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