Lecture to explore relationship between energy and politics

Lecture to explore relationship between energy and politics

The relationship between the energy sector and nationalism will be explored at a lecture at the University of Aberdeen tomorrow (Thursday 30 April).

Dr David Galbreath, from the University's Department of Politics and International Relations will provide an insight into the impact oil and gas supply has on political relationships between countries across the globe. 

The current gas disputes continuing between Russia and Ukraine which have threatened gas supplies in numerous European countries will be of particular focus in the lecture, which takes place at 6pm in the King's College Conference Centre, on the University's King's College Campus.

Dr Galbreath's lecture – Nationalism and Energy in the 'New Cold War' - is the final event in the University's Energy Controversies series, which has brought together leading international industry and academic experts to discuss the current challenges and debates facing the energy sector.

Dr Galbreath said: "Russia's geopolitical resurgence is a direct result of its exploitation of its large deposits of petroleum and natural gas. Many commentators argue that Russia has used its energy resources to bolster its foreign policy objectives in the post-Soviet area, such as recent events in Georgia illustrate.

"Furthermore, the root of these foreign policy objectives stem from a nationalising tendency in contemporary Russian politics. As a result, the production and supply of energy resources to Europe could be threatened as well as regional instability on Europe's doorstep in the Caucuses.

"With these concerns in mind, my lecture will look at how we can understand the relationship between energy and nationalism in the contemporary energy sector and discuss the options we have looking to the future where energy scarcity is forecast."

Aimed at influencing energy and social policy at a local and national level, the Energy Controversies series has covered highly topical issues including the exhaustion of fossil fuel reserves and their imminent decline as an energy source, and the concern surrounding the environmental impact of our continued use of fossil fuels.

For more information visit http://energycontroversies.abdn.ac.uk/