Aberdeen academic awarded prestigious mathematics prize

An Aberdeen academic has received a prestigious accolade for her works in the area of mathematics.

Dr Radha Kessar, Reader in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Aberdeen has been awarded the London Mathematical Society 2009 Berwick Prize.

The biennial prize recognises an outstanding piece of mathematical research published by the London Mathematical Society (LMS). 

It was awarded jointly to Dr Kessar and Professor Joseph Chuang from City University London for their paper Symmetric Groups, Wreath Products, Morita Equivalences and Broué's Abelian Defect Conjecture.

Dr Kessar said: "I am honoured to receive this prestigious award from the LMS in recognition of my work with Professor Chuang."

Dr Kessar and Professor Chuang will receive their award at the London Mathematical Society's Annual General Meeting which will be held on November 20.