Leading Institution for Research on The North

The North was adopted as a strategic priority by the University and is an area in which the institution already achieves world-class distinction, across a range of disciplines.

These new research projects cement Aberdeen's position as leading institution for research on The North.

Led by Professor Tim Ingold, of the Department of Anthropology, the theme brought together researchers from a wide range of subjects to create four major research programmes, based on The North that commenced autumn 2012:

  • Fragility, Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change in the North
  • The Northern Temperament: Investigating the Communication of Emotions in Northern  Cultures
  • Northern Colonialism: Historical Connections, Contemporary Lives
  • Pathways to Power: The Rise of Early Medieval Kingdoms of the North

Five postdoctoral research fellows and 11 doctoral students were appointed to  work alongside established staff.

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