Two New All-Mealor Albums Released

Two new albums of music by Professor Paul Mealor have been released on the Exultate Label, August 2022

The Exultate Choir and Orchestra of Minnesota under the direction of Dr Thomas Rossin have recorded and released two albums of the music of Professor Paul Mealor. The first, 'Passiontide' is the premiere recording of Professor Mealor's 80-minute Symphony No 1 for Choir, Soloists and Orchestra. This is accompanied by a second album, 'Cruficixus', which explores Mealor's sacred anthems and motets in a unique, new way. Both albums are available on line.

Professor Mealor will fly to Minnesota again, this winter, to work with Exultate on their new commission from him, 'A Wondrous Noel' for Choir and Orchestra.