Rowett appeals for volunteers for first major nutrition study post-pandemic

The Rowett Institute at the University of Aberdeen has launched a hunt for volunteers to take part in its first new major study since reopening after the pandemic.

Funded by the Scottish Government as part of the ‘Healthy Diets for a Healthy Weight’ research theme, the Focus on Fibre study aims to understand the role of dietary fibre in relation to gut health and appetite control.

Professor Alexandra Johnstone is leading the research. She said: “Our research is reliant on volunteers to participate in our diet studies and we are excited to get started on a new project.

“This research will focus on dietary fibre, which we know tends to be low in Scottish consumers and is an important part of a healthy diet. We have designed some lovely new diets and are looking for men and women to participate in the study, with food provided. Let us do your healthy eating cooking for science.”

Volunteers who participate in the seven-week study will be provided with all their daily meals for a six-week period in exchange for their time.

The process for volunteers will include an initial two-hour screening to check height, weight, blood pressure and the amount of energy used by that person’s body. A seven-day food diary will also be required.

Each volunteer will then have two weeks on a controlled diet, two weeks on a high fibre diet and two weeks on a low fibre diet, with testing every Friday to monitor weight, measurements, blood pressure, blood samples, faecal samples, urine samples and the motivation to eat.

The Rowett requires people over the age of 18 who are overweight, healthy and eat a low fibre diet. Unfortunately, people with food allergies, vegetarians and vegans are unable to take part.

To get involved or find out more about the study, email Claire Fyfe at or Lynn Thomson at or call 01224 438752.

If this study does not appeal to you or you do not meet the criteria but you would be interested in future studies, please join the Rowett Volunteers Facebook page here for regular updates on Rowett studies.