Academics' expert evidence included in parliament paper

Academics' expert evidence included in parliament paper

Evidence given by two University of Aberdeen academics to a UK Parliament Committee regarding Retained EU law following Brexit has been referenced extensively in the Committee's resulting recommendations to the UK Government.

Professor Adelyn Wilson and Dr Robert Taylor gave oral evidence to the European Scrutiny Committee at the UK Parliament as part of its inquiry into the future of Retained EU law in May this year.

The session focused on the impact of changes to Retained EU law on the devolved settlement. Professor Wilson and Dr Taylor were the invited experts to speak to the Scottish devolved settlement.

The Committee has now published its Report making recommendations on how the UK Government and Parliament should proceed with respect to Retained EU law post-Brexit.

The Report makes significant use of Professor Wilson and Dr Taylor’s evidence. It draws on the academics' evidence regarding the use of UK and Scottish legislation to amend Retained EU law, the passing of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, common frameworks, consultation going forward with the devolved administrations under any new Brexit Freedoms Bill, and the Scottish Government’s keeping pace power.