Enhanced mental health and wellbeing support for students

A partnership to further improve the University's mental health support for students has been formally launched.

The University of Aberdeen Student Helpline, which has been operating since March, supports students with round the clock support.

In addition to the existing package of support, including our own Counselling Service, the partnership with Spectrum.Life, a leading provider of corporate and student mental health and wellbeing services, enables students to engage with mental health and wellbeing services 24 hours a day, for all 365 days of the year.

As part of the service, University of Aberdeen students can access Spectrum.Life’s team of counsellors and psychotherapists at any time of the day or night, alongside student specific wellbeing support and a full suite of digital content, including access to the company’s Digital Gym and Digital Wellbeing Series.

The Student Helpline, and associated platform of support online, is designed to be fully-integrated into existing on-site student mental health and wellbeing resources available to students.

Nick Edwards, Acting Deputy Director of People and Head of Student Support, of University of Aberdeen said: “We’re always looking for ways to enhance the level of mental health and wellbeing support available to our students. For a number of years we, like the rest of the sector, have seen a significant increase in the demand for mental health support and post-pandemic it has become even more important that our students have the ability to speak to a trained professional as soon as possible if they need support.

“Working with Spectrum.Life we’ve been able to enhance our existing student support services to ensure that our students have access to immediate in-the-moment support which can work alongside our own services to ensure each student is getting the appropriate level of care for their situation at the right time.

Dr. Emelina Ellis, Director of Clinical Operations at Spectrum.Life added: “Student mental health and wellbeing is a major concern and priority for third-level institutions globally. The demand on existing, on-site resources is now greater than ever before. We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with the University of Aberdeen to provide enhanced mental health and wellbeing support their student population, aiding their fantastic in-house team and ensuring that all students can get the support they need.”

Student can call the helpline free-of-charge and without an appointment using the following details:

  • Student Helpline freephone number (UK) 0808 196 2707
  • Outside of UK 00353 1518 0277
  • Student Helpline WhatsApp - Text "Hi" to 00353 87 369 0010

For further details of all student support services visit https://www.abdn.ac.uk/students/support/index.php