School of Law Academics participated in SCOTLIN's 1st Annual Conference

Professor Irene Couzigou, Dr Rossana Ducato, and Dr Patricia Živković attended the SCOTLIN - Scottish Law and Innovation Network 1st Annual Conference at the Stirling Highland Hotel on 21 and 22 April 2022.

Dr Živković presented her most recent research in the Biometrics and Law Series. She talked about the reconceptualization of the legal nature of biometrics and biometric data, and the related missing link in the evolution of law when it comes to the commodification of this type of personal data. Prof Couzigou delivered a paper “Delegation of State Functions to Digital Companies: A Sustainable Solution to Secure Cyberspace?” and Dr Ducato, who is a founding member of SCOTLIN and one of the conference organisers, chaired the 'Law and Innovation in Scotland: Working with and outwith academia' panel. 

Patricia, Irene, and Rossana are all members of SCOTLIN, which is funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh