University of Aberdeen hosts law and social sciences workshop with Ethiopian PhD students

Legal and social science experts at the University of Aberdeen are collaborating with academic counterparts in Ethiopia to deliver a capacity building workshop exploring comparative, philosophical and integration approaches to governance.

Part of a wider UK Research & Innovation project entitled ‘Governance Crisis in the Horn of Africa’, the event hosted by Aberdeen and delivered in collaboration with the Centre of Excellence in Good Governance at Addis Ababa University, runs from April 18-22.

Speakers and workshop leaders are Professor Pamela Abbott, Director of the Centre for Global Development, and Professor Zeray Yihdego and Professor Tamas Gyorfi, Co-Directors of the Aberdeen Centre for Constitutional and Public International Law.

Throughout the week, PhD students from Addis Ababa University will hear presentations on a range of topics, from the philosophy of social sciences and comparative constitutional law, to human rights law, democratic governance, integration in the Horn of Africa and the law of international organisations.

Professor Yihdego said: “Upwards of 13 million people in the Horn of Africa – covering Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya and eastern Uganda – were affected by the environmental crisis in 2011-12 with many affected populations in the region still in need of humanitarian assistance. With this too, comes a number of legal and governance questions.

“In our capacity as a Centre which seeks to bring constitutional and public international lawyers, social and legal theorists together to promote debate and knowledge transfer practices, this workshop is focused on promoting quality research and scholarship on global issues of good governance and the rule of law.”