University supports Charter calling for urgent action to be taken regarding climate change

The University has signed a landmark document offering its support to a series of recommendations made by Scotland's Climate Assembly.

Scotland’s Civic Charter on Climate is addressed to the Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament, and to Scottish society as a whole. The Scottish Government will formally respond to the recommendations of the Climate Assembly later this year.

The Charter states: “Through the Climate Assembly, ordinary people from across the country have laid the foundations of a strategic vision and urgent plan of action for Scotland to deliver on its climate change commitments.

“Policy-makers need to take heed of both the Assembly’s specific recommendations and the spirit of their report. Clarity on a national strategy that delivers on the Climate Assembly’s level of ambition will make all the difference.”

The Assembly’s report sets out 81 recommendations agreed by an overwhelming consensus of members for tackling the climate emergency in a fair and effective way. These recommendations cover a broad range of issues including domestic heating, emissions, environmental impact in public procurement, land use and agriculture, taxation, transport (including air travel) and the economy.

Professor Karl Leydecker, Senior Vice-Principal at the University of Aberdeen, said: “As part of our 2040 strategy, the University of Aberdeen is committed to showing leadership in working for the sustainable future of our planet, setting an example to our sector and to society. This commitment aligns with Scotland’s Civic Charter on Climate, and as such the University is delighted to have signed the charter to express our support.”