Public views sought to shape the future of Aberdeen collections

From meteorites to Napoleon's sister's slippers, the University of Aberdeen is home to hundreds of thousands of museum treasures.

Now the University is offering the public their chance to have a say on what they want to see online.

The Covid-19 pandemic required museum staff to come up with new and virtual ways of sharing the collections so that people could continue to enjoy them from their own homes.

It also demonstrated the ability to reach people right across the world with visitors to its online exhibitions drawn from a much larger geographical area.

Now the University is launching a drive to increase access to its vast museum collections further, with the launch of a new survey to gather the thoughts of anyone with an interest in the collections from members of the public to academic experts.

Jen Shaw, Assistant Curator at the University of Aberdeen explains: “The University can only show a small number of items in exhibitions, but we can welcome many more people to our digital museum.

“From meteorites to Egyptian scarabs, scientific instruments and even a pair of slippers which once belonged to Napoleon’s sister, our amazing museum items offer fascinating insights into our past.

“But with such vast collections, it is difficult to know what to prioritise when it comes to improving digital accessibility – and that is where we are seeking the help of the public.

“We want this interaction to work both ways and so the museums team will be creating behind-the-scenes footage to post on our social media channels to allow people to follow the progress of the project and enjoy the museum in their own homes at their own pace.”

Anyone wishing to make their views known can do so in the Open to All Survey which will be available until 4pm on Friday October 1.