Professor Partain is presenting his work at the Ministry of Energy in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Professor Roy Andrew Partain from the School of Law is presenting his work on the sustainable development of offshore methane hydrates (OMH) at the Ministry of Energy in Jakarta, Indonesia. Professor Partain’s work is leading in the understanding of the legal frameworks and policies for safe and sustainable extraction and use of offshore methane hydrates around the world.

In addition to Professor Partain's broader research and publications over the last decade, the event will build on work done by PGR student Ahmad Kaffah on legal frameworks for offshore methane hydrates in Indonesia as well as additional topical research conducted by Dr. Constantinos Yiallourides and Professor Partain in Japan and the EU. 

Currently, more than half of the law review articles or books on legal policies for methane hydrates, are written by academics at the University of Aberdeen, and we are cited in almost all of the other publications. So far, our School of Law remains the premier authority on legal discussions surrounding OMH.  

You can learn more about his work and publications on methane hydrates here