Dr Matthew Machin-Autenrieth presents series of On-line events

The team for the ERC-funded project 'Past and Present Musical Encounters across the Strait of Gibraltar' (based at the universities of Aberdeen, Cambridge and Manchester) are delighted to present the online series Sonic Conversations in the Western Mediterranean.

This series seeks to delve into the rich and diverse range of musical genres and sonic practices that criss-cross the Western Mediterranean region and its neighbouring geographies. Through a collection of academic speakers, workshops and concerts, the series explores the interconnected histories and migrations of Mediterranean musics and musicians, addressing creation, performance and reception. Music and sound can connect people, and at times, can divide people. They can reflect and construct collective identities. They are powerful mechanisms through which the past and cultural memory are remembered, performed and negotiated. Through this series we examine how the sonic world is deeply interwoven with the social world, as musicians and audiences from different cultural and religious communities move and interact across and beyond the Mediterranean.


Click here for our upcoming events and for more information/registration, go to https://www.musicalencounters.co.uk/upcoming-events. Also feel free to get in touch with the Principal Investigator Matthew Machin-Autenrieth (matthew.machin-autenrieth@abdn.ac.uk) for more information.