Adalberto's learning journey ends with PhD

Studying at the University of Aberdeen has allowed Adalberto Ferrari to achieve results he never thought himself capable of.

Graduating with a PhD in Medical Sciences, Adalberto attributes his success to “constant dedication, knowledge, and outstanding support from my colleagues.” 

The 30-year-old Italian looks back on his learning journey as a time of personal growth. 

He said: “Studying here has allowed me to pursue my career in biomedical research and achieve results I would have never thought to be capable of. 

“Moving here allowed me to grow while facing new challenges like living in a different country, and to discover my true self, my strengths and weaknesses, while living on my own.  

“I would say that this experience greatly improved my problem-solving skills at work and in my personal life, as well as my resilience.” 

A self-confessed “nerd”, Adalberto’s interests include movies, TV series, music, comics and videogames. “These activities often help me to clear my mind while under pressure and to charge my batteries,” he explained.  

While disappointed that he won’t be able to graduate in person, Adalberto said that Covid-19 brought unexpected benefits in terms of his studies.  

He said: “A global pandemic was not exactly how I imagined my graduation to be, although I have to admit that this situation gave me the opportunity to prioritise certain aspects of research and to focus more on my thesis writing, culminating in a seamless examination during my virtual Viva session.” 

Looking to the future, he added that he has no clear objective in mind, other than to consider different career options in the field of biomedical research.  “Since it is still a work in progress, I would say that this information is ‘classified’!”