Anthony makes his Aberdeen dream a reality

Studying in "the energy hub of the UK" has been a dream come true for Anthony Bwana Torori, who has graduated with an MSc in Oil and Gas Engineering.

The 26-year-old Kenyan chose to study at the University of Aberdeen because of its reputation as a leading energy university, describing it as his “dream school” as he studied towards his undergraduate degree in Cyprus.  

And now that he has achieved his dream, he looks back fondly on his university experience.   

He said: “It was a great opportunity that enabled me to sharpen my skills and knowledge in the energy industry.  

“Some of the highlights of my time here were having the opportunity to interact with some of the leaders and pioneers of the energy sector and experiencing what it feels like to be at the energy hub of the UK.  

“Another was interacting with some of the best and brightest minds from all over the world and establishing long-lasting friendships. 

“The course also had a strong emphasis on safety, risk and project management which for me were like the 'cherry on the cake'. 

While the arrival of Covid-19 has proven to be “confusing and frustrating,” Anthony has drawn valuable lessons from his experience. 

He said: “With the way I have seen people come through for one another through this period, I am filled with hope and a renewed sense of purpose to be a better steward of the Earth, and use the skills I've gathered to help improve it for those around me and those to come. 

“At the moment I’m seeking opportunities to build professional competency in projects within the energy sector, and in the future I plan on applying this experience to similar projects back home in Kenya, in order to tackle the challenge of energy poverty that still plagues us.”