Article by Dr Gearoid Millar Featured in Peace Science Digest

An article published by Dr Gearoid Millar has been featured in Peace Science Digest.

'Toward a trans-scalar peace system: challenging complex global conflict systems' was published in Peacebuilding earlier this year, and examines the ways that the discourse on peacebuilding has failed to respond adequately to critiques of peacebuilding practice.

A project of the War Prevention Initiative, Peace Science Digest bridges scholars of peace science and policy makers and practitioners, by selecting eminent articles in the field and providing a 2,000 word summary and analysis that is accessible to a wider audience.

The author’s emphasis on the centrality of legitimating logics to the sustenance of the global conflict system reminds us that attending to this ideational realm is critical to resisting and dismantling violence in its many forms.

Dr Millar's article has been noted for its focus on the deeper questions that surround peacebuilding practices, including the ways that priviliege informs agency and social impact.

To read the feature in full, visit Peace Science Digest, here.