Staff Communication

Staff Communication update - 31 January 2020

Dear colleagues,

There have been a number of updates regarding the outbreak of coronavirus in the last 24 hours. The FCO has confirmed that there are now two confirmed cases of the virus in England, however the risk to UK is still deemed low.

At this time of year it is normal to see an increase in cases of the common cold and flu. NHS advice to combat colds and flu includes:

  • Make sure you are following good hygiene and regularly wash your hands;
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing;
  • Look out for symptoms of a cold, such as a sore throat and blocked nose and take suitable medication to combat these.

If you have travelled to Wuhan City in China in the last 14 days, the FCO is now advising a period of isolation, even if you are showing no symptoms. This means you should remain at home and should not go to work or public areas, or use public transport or taxis. If you develop respiratory symptoms, seek immediate medical attention by contacting your GP or NHS24 (dial 111).

If you have students who are worried about relatives or loved ones in China or are worried about the impact on their studies, please refer them to the Infohub for further advice –

The university continues to monitor the situation, and will keep you informed of any developments.

Richard Wells
Vice-Principal International Partnerships

* Based on most up-to-date information on Friday 31 January 2020