Crews Unveiled for Historic 25th Aberdeen Standard Investments Boat Race

Crews Unveiled for Historic 25th Aberdeen Standard Investments Boat Race

The University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University have unveiled the crews they hope will bring home the silverware in the landmark 25th outing of the Aberdeen Standard Investments Boat Race, held on March 14, 2020.

Throughout the year, the boat clubs pool resources and training opportunities under the banner of University Rowing Aberdeen – but as the hard-fought race on Aberdeen’s River Dee approaches and the universities begin to train separately, friendly rivalries between the institutions have returned.

Representing Robert Gordon University are:
Antoine De Reviers (21) from Lyon, France; Michael Troy (19) from Hamilton; Benedek Gaál (24) from Esztergom, Hungary; Sarah Cameron (19) and Lizzie Buchan (20) from Edinburgh; Abigail Topp (18) from Blackburn;  and Gregor Pittendreigh (22) and Kate Jones (33) from Aberdeen. The cox is Sophie Telfer (19) from Kinross.

Rowing for the University of Aberdeen are:
Lena Kraft (20) from Heidelberg, Germany; Emily Carruthers (20), India Dodd (21) and Thomas Lloyd (18) from Edinburgh; Dean Porter (21) from Milland, England; Andrew Dunse (20) from Dumfries; Christy Crook (21) from Inverness; and Adam Wilson (21) from Aberdeen. The crew will be coxed by Alliott Irvine (20) from Wallingford, England.

Katie Sugden (20), president of Aberdeen University Boat Club (AUBC), says: “There’s a huge pool of talent in AUBC this year so it was a really difficult decision who to include in the crew. The Aberdeen Standard Investments Boat Race is unique in that we row in mixed crews, which makes for a really interesting dynamic in the boat – and an even more difficult selection process, as you constantly have to balance different strengths and qualities. I’m really confident in the abilities of our crew and capping off the first 25 years of the Boat Race with a win for the University of Aberdeen would be an achievement we would be very proud of.”

RGU Boat Club president Lizzie Buchan (20), who is also rowing in this year’s race, adds: “Making the crew selection is always a daunting task – these are people who I train with all year long, but you have to put aside friendships and just think about the business of winning when making the choice. We’re putting forward a really strong crew this year, with a mix of Boat Race veterans and talented newcomers, and I’m positive that we can reclaim bragging rights over the river for RGU on such a momentous occasion.”

The University of Aberdeen scored a clean sweep in 2019 – winning the title race as well as the associated alumni and second crew races. All three will return in March, alongside a media challenge, for a day of racing which begins at 3.35pm. The title race will be held at 5pm, stretching 3.5km along the River Dee from the Bridge of Dee to Aberdeen Boat Club.

Martin Gilbert, chairman of title sponsor Aberdeen Standard Investments, comments: “There is always a noticeable change in the atmosphere along the river when the universities announce their crews. Excitement is building in the rowing community and across the city as the students put in the hard work required to row at such a high level. The teamwork and commitment shown by the students in both crews is truly inspirational. Balancing a busy training schedule with all-important studies is never easy, but they continue to excel in both areas. We are proud to have been a part of the Boat Race for the past 20 years, and look forward to celebrating its 25th outing with the rowers, alumni and spectators on the riverbank in March.”

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