University paper among the 'most mentioned' in 2019

An academic paper by a University of Aberdeen researcher has made it on to the annual list of the top 100 most-mentioned scholarly articles published in 2019.

The Altmetric Top 100 features research from a variety of disciplines, written by authors from all corners of the globe which have most captured the public’s imagination in 2019.

Professor Margaret Cruickshank, Co-Director of the Aberdeen Centre for Women's Health Research at the University of Aberdeen and Director of NHS Grampian Research and Development, co-authored a paper which showed the effectiveness of the HPV vaccine and how its benefits reach beyond protecting individuals from infection and cervical cancer, as well as reducing the rates of HPV-related diseases in unvaccinated people.

Published in the British Medical Journal in April this year, the paper - Prevalence of cervical disease at age 20 after immunisation with bivalent HPV vaccine at age 12-13 in Scotland: retrospective population study – was 42nd in the list.

The annual Altmetric Top 100 highlights research published in 2019 that has generated significant international online attention and discussion – from patents and public policy documents to mainstream media, blogs, Wikipedia, and social media platforms. 

This year’s Top 100 articles, which were featured in 43 different journals, pre-print servers and government websites, touch on many topics, with a focus on the harsh realities of the world climate emergency, the public health imperative for vaccinations, and developments in artificial intelligence.  

Catherine Williams, COO, Altmetric, said: “It’s fascinating to see the trends that shape the Top 100 list each year.

“In 2019, it’s clear that our current climate emergency and political polarisation are a matter of huge public concern and debate. This list demonstrates the critical role that research plays in those conversations.”

The full list can be viewed at: