Launch of student-led TRSS (Theology and Religious Studies Society)

Launch of student-led TRSS (Theology and Religious Studies Society)

TRSS is a society for all students interested in Theology, Religious Studies and Divinity. TRSS supports members of all different religious beliefs; as well as those of no faith. All members are encouraged to think independently and are free to express any of their opinions without judgement. Overall, TRSS aims to give all students a place to feel included and relaxed among term stress and deadlines.  Members will have the opportunity to meet new people who share similar interests and widen their social network beyond the lecture theatre.

Membership is free; events will be as low cost as possible when necessary!

Facebook group: @TRSS:Theology and Religious Studies Society (Aberdeen)


Suggested First Half Session Term Events 2019/2020:

- Welcome meeting.  

- A week of religious documentaries with Louis Theroux.

- Blessed are the cheesemakers (wine and cheese night.)

- A Monthly pub pilgrimage.  

- Christmas dinner.

(Dates and Venues to be Confirmed.)


President: Caitlin Yool (4th-year Theology student.)

Vice President: Cody Crawshaw (4th-year Theology and Religious Studies student.)

Secretary: Josephine Bloom (4th-year International Relations, Theology and Religious studies student.)

Treasurer: Sarah Johns (3rd-year Psychology student.)