Leading physicist elected to Academia Europaea

A renowned physicist from the University of Aberdeen has been elected as a member to one of Europe's most prestigious scientific organisations.

Professor Celso Grebogi has previously been named in the 2016 annual Citation Laureates - an influential list that identifies the most promising candidates for the Nobel Prizes - for his work in nonlinear and complex systems and chaos theory.

Professor Grebogi has now been elected to the Academia Europaea, an organisation of eminent, individual scientists which publishes the international journal 'European Review'.

Founded in 1988, on the initiative of the UK's Royal Society and other European National Academies, the Academia is the only Europe-wide Academy with individual membership from Council of Europe states and other nations. Its aim is to promote European research, advise governments and international organisations in scientific matters, and advance interdisciplinary and international research.

Commenting on his election, Professor Grebogi said: “Of course, I feel extremely happy and honoured to be Member of another Academy, this the European one, and thankful to the Members of the Academia Europaea for the election. I am also obliged to the University  of Aberdeen for the continuous and unyielding support of my work." 

Professor Grebogi will be inducted into the organisation at its 2019 member conference, which takes place in Barcelona in October.