Sky's the limit for Hazel after Space course

Sky's the limit for Hazel after Space course

The sky's the limit for Biomedical Sciences graduate Hazel Currie after she was chosen to take part in the European Space Agency Academy's four-day Human Space Physiology Training Course in Belgium.

Hazel joined 29 other students from across Europe to take part in the course, during which they learned about the various physiological adaptations that occur in space and how these present challenges to astronauts.

They also learned how these underlying mechanisms are studied on Earth and the approaches to mitigate the effects of weightlessness on the human body during prolonged space missions with the focus on a future Mars mission.

Hazel, who also visited the Euro Space Center where she was able to do a simulated moonwalk, said: “I took part in a group project where we researched the topic of women’s health in space and presented it to the rest of the students. We also had a skype interview with astronaut Tim Peake and about his personal experience in space.

“The course was fascinating and was very beneficial to me as I was writing my honour’s thesis on space motion sickness in astronauts at the time.”