Funding for AI and eco-hydraulics projects

Dr Ehud Reiter and Professor Vlad Nikora have secured funding through the European Commission's Marie Sklodowska Curie Action Innovative Training Networks scheme.

Each will be participating in a multi-national network to recruit and train young researchers over a three year period. 

Dr Reiter’s network focuses on developing techniques to enable artificial intelligence (AI) systems to explain their reasoning and recommendations to people, in English and other human languages.   Good explanations of AI reasoning are essential to give people confidence in and control of AI systems, and indeed explanations are legally required in a growing number of contexts.

Professor Nikora’s network will train Researchers in the interdisciplinary field of Eco hydraulics to find innovative solutions for freshwater fish protection and river restoration.  Due to the continuing loss of biodiversity and degradation of aquatic habitats, the imperative to fund this network forms part of the measures to meet the EU’s Biodiversity Strategy 2020 targets.