Society's big issues under the spotlight at University conference

Leading thinkers in the fields of entrepreneurship, the economy and social policy will gather in Aberdeen next weekend (Nov 16-18) for a conference focusing on society's big issues.

The ‘Shifting Paradigms’ conference, which takes place at the University of Aberdeen, is organised by the student-led Aberdeen Political Economy Group (APEG), supported by the Rethinking Economics Network and the Royal Economic Society.

The conference will cover a range of topics, with a focus on technology, inequality and climate change.

Among the key speakers is serial entrepreneur Danielle Kayembe, who will give a talk on the rise of the female-driven economy induced by technological change.

The programme also includes presentations from leading economist Miguel Ampudia, whose speech will focus on monetary policy in the euro area and how it affects household inequality.

In addition, Deborah Hardoon, who leads research at the What Works Centre for Wellbeing and is behind an influential Oxfam report finding that the richest 1% have as much wealth as everyone else combined, will give a keynote talk about growing inequalities.

Maria Franz, from APEG, commented: “Last year’s Shifting Paradigms conference was a huge success, and this year we have organised a similarly impressive range of leading thinkers to come to Aberdeen for a discussion on the big issues affecting modern society.

“This year’s focus lies on inequalities, thriving technology, and a changing climate - three topics with the potential to be the major determinants of our future, and whose symptoms we see in the news every day.

“Our aim is to showcase a range of diverse voices that we hope will educate and inform our audiences, and inspire the development of new ideas and intellectual alliances.

“We would like to extend a warm invitation to all like-minded individuals and organisations to join us in making our conference a successful and inspirational event.”

*More information on Shifting Paradigms, including booking details, can be found here