Education in the North Arctic Issue

Education in the North Arctic Issue

Double issue now available online - Volume 25 (1-2) Teacher Education in the Arctic 11 August 2018.

Education in the North was founded in 1965. The principal aim of the journal, which is published annually, is to provide information, comment and research findings on all aspects of interest to Scottish education, including from an international context, in a way that will have a broad appeal to teachers in primary and secondary schools, to lecturers in further and higher education and to other professionals including community education workers, educational psychologists and educational administrators.

A major theme for the journal is 'impact' and the implications of research for practice.

Each issue of Education in the North has three sections:

  • The Journal section contains academic articles (3,500 to 6,000 words) which are subject to peer review
  • The Features section is made up of shorter items (up to 2,000 words) written in a less formal style
  • This is followed by a Book Review section

The editors welcome contributions to either Journal or Features sections, and are pleased to receive books for review.

Editors Rachel Shanks and Claire Molloy