King's College Chapel to host choir with international pedigree on their first visit to Aberdeen

Kings College Chapel will resound with the voices of a choir from a small island community which established a strong vocal tradition due to a lack of musical instruments.

For the first time Aberdeen will welcome the Tórshavn Chamber Choir from the Faroe Islands.

The choir led by Bernharour Wilkinson has established an international reputation which has seen it perform at some of the world’s best concert halls and opera houses.

The remote location of the Faroe Islands, situated halfway between Norway and Iceland, meant that until the mid 1800s there were no musical instruments of significance available. As a result the voice was the only musical tool available and so a rich choral tradition developed.

Professor Paul Mealor, who leads the University of Aberdeen’s own Chamber Choir, said they were looking forward to welcoming their counterparts from the Faroe Islands.

“We are delighted to be able to welcome the Tórshavn Chamber Choir to Aberdeen for the first time,” he added.

“Singing is deeply anchored in the Faroese national identity and the Faroese people and as a result they have a strong and unique musical heritage.

“The Tórshavn Chamber Choir has performed at some of the world’s best venues but we are sure that our own magnificent King’s College Chapel will not disappoint. It is a building with wonderful acoustic properties and hearing the rich voices of the Tórshavn Chamber Choir in this setting is sure to be a musical treat.”

The concert takes place at 7pm on Saturday June 2. It is free to attend and booking is not required