University launches pre-medical course in Sri Lanka

The University of Aberdeen has launched its first 'in-country' pre-medical qualification in Sri Lanka, where students will be able to obtain a pre-medical award studying in the nation's largest city, Colombo.

The programme, delivered in partnership with the International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS) will get under way in Sri Lanka in September 2018.

Students who complete the Pre-Medical Programme will be eligible to apply to the University of Aberdeen Medical degree programme which is accredited by the UK General Medical Council (GMC).

Within the next two years it is hoped Sri Lankan students will also be able to apply to study medicine in Aberdeen before returning to Sri Lanka to complete their clinical training whilst graduating with a degree from the University of Aberdeen.

The launch of the Pre-Medical programme took place on Wednesday in the Movenpick Hotel, Colombo, with presentations from Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Aberdeen, Professor Sir Ian Diamond, and the Head of the University of Aberdeen’s School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition, Professor Steve Heys.

Speaking in Sri Lanka at the official launch of the new partnership, Professor Sir Ian Diamond, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Aberdeen said: “We are immensely proud of our international history and reputation as a leading university and medical school. This opportunity to take the University of Aberdeen expertise directly to students in Sri Lanka in collaboration with the international experience of IIHS is an exciting development that we believe will benefit the Sri Lankan student body and future healthcare workforce.”

Accompanying Professor Sir Ian Diamond, Professor Steve Heys, Head of the University of Aberdeen’s School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition added: “We have a long record not only in producing world class medical graduates, but also working with students on courses such as this new pre-med course to help prepare students apply to study for a full degree in medicine.

“We have found over the years that people who may never have even considered a career in medicine can go on to make some of the very best medical students. All they need is the appropriate guidance, support and learning, and this is what this new pre-med course will aim to provide.”

Dr Kithsiri Edirisinghe, CEO/Founder and Director Academics of IIHS says: “We welcome the University of Aberdeen, with its great history to the shores of Sri Lanka. It is indeed a great opportunity not only for Sri Lankans but for regional students to access a high quality medical program. This is the role that IIHS has been playing with their international partners promoting an International University Learning Centre by making Sri Lanka as a regional hub for education. The collaboration is a great foundation which will expand to many other health related programs as well with a view of producing making good doctors and health care professionals.”

Dr Nihal De Silva, Dean of IIHS adds: “The future for higher education seems promising with the presence of the University of Aberdeen in the region. Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for the commencement of such a program with its eagerness for development, high literacy rates, and expert medical professionals who are competent to deliver the program. Furthermore, the program provides a second chance for students who are unable to fulfil the requirement for a Medical Degree.

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