North Atlantic Fiddle Convention, 11-15 July 2018 Aberdeen

North Atlantic Fiddle Convention, 11-15 July 2018 Aberdeen

Concerts, workshops, live gigs, interviews, sessions, busking, an academic conference and more! Featuring traditions of fiddle music and dance from countries and communities around the North Atlantic. Reserve these dates in your diary!

The North Atlantic Fiddle Convention is a cultural exchange and meeting place for artists, academics, and enthusiasts.

At its heart is a convention that brings together scholars, practitioners, teachers and other stakeholders to share ideas, practices, research and knowledge about the field of fiddle performance and related dance, from the cultures and diasporas of the North Atlantic region.

Uniquely structured, NAFCo combines:

  • a festival
  • an academic conference
  • interactive workshops
  • concerts
  • interviews
  • public lectures
  • academic papers
  • busking
  • live-music sessions in pubs

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