Bringing Nunalleq - Quinhagak to Washington DC

Dr Rick Knecht together with Lynn Church from Quinhagak presented 'Treasures from the Tundra' last night at the National Geographic Museum Auditorium in Washington, D.C. with photographer Erika Larsen, and Senior Writer Ann Williams.

Alaska’s Thaw Reveals—and Threatens—a Culture’s Artifacts - Precious items of the Yupik people, long frozen in time, are emerging as temperatures rise. Now the rush is on to save them.


National Geographic photographer Erika Larsen and archaeologist Dr Rick Knecht revealed how climate change–driven melting ice had unearthed thousands of exquisitely preserved artifacts around the world—and how corresponding rising sea levels have forced archaeologists into a race to find and protect still-hidden treasures before it’s too late.


National Geographic magazine writer Ann Williams led the discussion.