New Book on Shale Gas Law and Policy

Concentrates solely on shall gas, structured around five themes detailed below. Edited by Dr Tina Hunter, Professor in Energy Law at the University of Aberdeen.

  • Overview introduction to shale gas activities
  • Shale gas economics and energy security
  • Acess to shale gas resources
  • Shale gas law and regulation
  • Future of shale gas

The handbook of Shale Gas Law and Policy examines the fundamental principles and provides the reader with a practical, applicable analysis of shale gas exploration and extraction. Looking at the legal, scientific and economic issues relating to shale gas extraction from the perspective of developed (United States and Canada), developing (Australia) and emerging jurisdictions (United Kingdom), this book provides unique perspectives that the reader can apply to their own jurisdiction.

With contributions by: Roberto F. Aguilera, David Campin, Simone Fraser, Andrew Garnett, Tina Hunter, Allan Ingelson, Andrey Konoplyanik, Steven Latta, Alastair R. Lucas, Cristelle Maurin, David M. Ong, John Paterson, Marian Radetzki, Slawomir Raszewski, Peter Styles, Emre Úsenmez, Vlado Vivoda, Michael Weir and Hannah J. Wiseman.

About the editor  Dr Tina Hunter is a Professor in Energy Law and the Director of the Centre for Energy Law, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom

New book published July 2016, ISBN 9781780682426  xvi + 398 PP